4 “Pearls of Wisdom” for First-time Homebuyers

Buying your first home can be a real roller coaster ride!  Up, down, all around!  Here are 4 “pearls” for you to remember when you decide to start on this journey:

pearl_12109  Pearl #1–There is no such thing as the “perfect home”–unless you have an unlimited budget!   Focus on what’s most important to you–things that can’t be easily changed.  1-story or 2=story, the floor plan, the location.  When you are swept up in someone else’s decor choices–the ones you like and the ones you may not like–you often overlook the basics.  Paint, countertops, appliances, flooring can all be changed.  The neighborhood, the layout of the house, the “flow”–probably not.  And don’t let yourself get caught up in seller’s furniture, artwork, accessories.  They won’t be there when you’re ready to move in!


pearl_12109  Pearl #2–Don’t search for a home until you’re ready to buy!  In our market today, homes you’re looking at now, probably won’t be available next month or maybe even next week!  Until you’re ready to go, save yourself the frustration of finding a house you love when you’re not able to make an offer and then finding that it’s gone when you’re ready.


pearl_12109  Pearl #3–Use a local lender!!!  I can’t stress this enough!!  Big banks are not pleasant or easy to deal with for a mortgage and I have had several clients whose transactions fell apart due to issues with big bank lenders.  Find someone local who can walk down the hall and meet with the underwriter to figure things out and make things happen.  Don’t know a local lender?  I do!  I’m happy to share some names of local lenders who go the extra mile to help you get your loan approved and funded!  Call me!


pearl_12109   Pearl #4–Make sure you have a Realtor who cares and knows what he/she is doing!  Your Realtor should be able to guide you to a home that fits your preferences/needs for size, location, and price.  And that is priced fairly and will provide good resale value.  Yes, it’s your home, but it’s also your largest investment so you want to feel confident that you’re investing wisely for now and the future.  And you want a Realtor who knows the market and knows how to do his or her job and will guide you along the path, helping to smooth any bumps that may arise.

I would love to be that Realtor for you!  Call me and let’s figure out the best path for you!  210-363-9282.