7 Home Fixes Before You Sell

If you’re thinking of selling your home, here are some things to look at before you put it on the market.  If anything needs to be fixed, do it now, before you list.  It will make your life much easier and make your sale transaction much smoother!

  1. Exterior:  Look at siding, stucco, wood trim.  Patch cracks, replace rotted wood, paint and freshen up.

2.  Landscaping:  Remove dead plants, trim back overgrown bushes/hedges.  Remove weeds, fresh mulch in beds, mow/edge lawn.

3. Cosmetics:  Paint/neutralize strong colors; touch up paint where necessary.  Replace/update light fixtures, switches, fans, hardware.  Paint front door and replace hardware.

4.  Kitchen:  Update if necessary–hardware, backsplash, counters, appliances.

5. Bathrooms:  Caulk tubs & showers, clean tile, update fixtures, lights, mirrors if necessary

6. Flooring:  Clean or replace

7. Structural & Mechanical:  Have HVAC serviced and replace filters, have licensed professionals check plumbing, electrical, and roof.  Make repairs if needed.

Taking care of these items now will make your house more appealing to buyers.  They’ll feel confident that the home they’re considering has been maintained and is in good condition.  There will be less for an inspector to note and less to negotiate.  You’ll know you’re offering a home that is ready to go and is move-in ready.  Buyers will know they can move in and not have to deal with repairs right off the bat.  Win/win for everyone!