A New Market to Try

San Antonio has a brand new farmer’s market.  June 5 was its grand opening.  It’s the Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market, to be held every Sunday morning from 8:00 am – noon.  It’s in the parking lot at the Quarry Market, near Whole Foods.

I’m sorry to say I missed the opening day.  Check out pictures at www.mysanantonio.com for some great shots of folks having fun and of lots of great-looking fruits and veggies.  This looks to be a great addition to the farmers’ market scene here in San Antonio.  I love the Pearl Farmers Market held every Saturday morning!  It’s gotten so popular that they’ve added a Wednesday afternoon edition as well.  Now comes the Quarry market on Sundays.  There are also lots of other smaller venues around town, some held during the week and some on weekends.  It’s so much fun to check out these different markets and have a chance to really talk to the folks who grow what they’re selling!  And, I’ve discovered that there really is a difference between what you buy fresh out of the ground and what you find at the grocery store!  Fresh just tastes so much better, and I have to believe it’s better for you!

I also love that I’m supporting local farmers and small businesses.  I have a new appreciation for the work that goes into what they do and I have certainly enjoyed the “fruits of their labors”–literally!  What a great way to spend part of the weekend.  And then to go home and use what I’ve purchased.  Buying fresh is making a commitment to prepare and consume what I’ve just bought–it doesn’t last forever!

Hope you’ll check out this new venture.  I’m going to!  See you there!