Annual Checklist for Homeowners

We’re getting to the end of 2016–hard to believe! But 2017 is right around the corner and here’s a list of a few things you might want to check on as we move from one year into a new one.

1. Change your smoke alarm batteries. Many people, myself included, like to do that when we spring forward and fall back, but if you haven’t done it yet, please take a little time to change those batteries, especially now as colder weather is coming.

2. Chop up a bar of Irish Spring soap and scatter it around your flower beds to discourage deer. I wish I had known this trick when I lived in an area that had a lot of deer who visited my yard!

3. Renew your home warranty. If you have a residential service contract active on your home, check the renewal date and decide if you want to keep it active. If you don’t and you want to add one, let me know and I’m happy to send you some names to contact here in San Antonio.

4. Check your homeowners insurance. Be sure you have the coverage you need. And shop around for premium prices, but be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

5. Check your house for wood-destroying insects. Consider hiring a pest inspector to check for signs of wood-destroying insects–termites, carpenter ants, and anything else prevalent in your area.

6. Check your tax appraisal. In Bexar county, you can go onto to check your appraised value and be sure you’re getting all the exemptions you’re entitled to.