Remember the Alamo!

Are you set to sell? Or to buy?

The real estate market in San Antonio is moving and active!   Mortgage rates are affordable and so is living in San Antonio!   The economy is bustling here and people are moving–moving in and moving up!

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, it’s a great time to do so!  Our inventory levels are at a low point and homes that are positioned correctly in the market, are in good condition, and are in our average/median price range of $150,000-$250,000 are just not staying on the market very long.  If  your home meets these criteria, and you’re ready to sell it, my advice to you is to have a plan B for moving!  My best case/worst case scenario–your home goes under contract in the first month or less that it’s on the market and is scheduled to close within 45 days.  Where will you go?  Think about that!  There are always options, so consult  your REALTOR® to discuss them and be prepared!

Are you thinking about buying a new home or a move-up home?  This is a good time for that also, as mortgage rates are still very affordable.   Before you start looking at homes, do your homework and get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.  Sellers will want to see a pre-approval letter with any offer you make, so having that ready in advance will put you in a good position.  I always tell my buyer clients to take the time they need to find a home they like and want, but once you identify that property, be prepared to make an offer right away, and make your best offer!  If you like a home, I can guarantee in this market that someone else does too!  Multiple offers on homes are becoming more and more common, so making a low offer initially so  you can come up later doesn’t work!  When a seller has more than one offer to consider, he/she is looking at all the terms of each offer.  The offer that will be the best for the seller is the one that will be negotiated and accepted, so make your best offer if you’re serious about the house!

Sellers, remember that the real first showing of your home to almost every buyer out there these days in on the internet.  A house with no pictures or just a few pictures will be passed over by most buyers in favor of one that gives them a lot to look at.  Buyers these days are looking at inside, outside, google street views, everything they can find out about the house, before they ever decide whether or not to come look at it in person.  Be sure your home is well represented and photographed for those internet shoppers!  You can’t change the location of your home or the neighbors’s homes, but you can make yours stand out by cleaning, de-cluttering, updating if necessary, repairing small things, and making sure you have great curb appeal.

Buyers, remember that all your online research is great for gathering information, but sometimes–actually most times–you should go and see a home in person.  Pictures give you a great idea of the general look of a home, but you need to see it for yourself before you pass final judgement.  It’s difficult to judge the size of a room, the layout of a home, the size of a yard, etc. just from a photo.  Photos are taken to show off a home’s best features, but they don’t always give you the “big picture” of a home, its neighborhood, the condition, etc.  If you’re liking what you see online, then go see the real thing and then decide whether or not it will fit your criteria and needs for a home.

Spring is springing in San Antonio!  If you’re ready to purchase or sell a home, or both, this is a good time to be in the market!

If you’re in San Antonio, I’d love to help you!  And if  you’re not, I can help you find a realtor where you are. Contact form.