Back to the gym–I did it!

OK, had my first appointment with Claudia, my new trainer!  According to Claudia, she “took it easy” on me the first time–so I’ll come back for the next appointment!  It felt good!  I’m not too sore but there are a few muscles who “reintroduced” themselves to me–i.e. reminded me they were there since they haven’t gotten much use in the last couple of years!  Claudia woke them up and they let me know it!

Today, I went and swam laps!  Not like what I used to do–I only managed 4–but it felt good to get back in the water.  And the reward for all that?  A few minutes in the whirlpool!  Ahhhhh!  That felt really good!

Now comes the hard part–keepin’ on keepin’ on!!  The strategy I have found that works best for me is to work with a trainer.  If I have an appointment, I’ll get out the door and go.  If not, I can find a million excuses!  So that’s my plan!  And that’s my Christmas gift to myself!

Have a good week!  See you back here soon!