For Home Sellers–How to Turn Off Your Buyers!

Are you selling your home?   It can be a daunting task in today’s market!  So many things to do, so many things to take into consideration!  There’s a lot of competition out there.  In many markets (although not as much in San Antonio), buyers are in the driver’s seat!  You have to work hard to attract them to your house when everyone else is doing the same thing!  So, you certainly don’t want to do all that work and then turn them off!  Here are 3 things many sellers do that turn buyers away.  If you’re guilty, then change what you’re doing!

1. Hanging around when buyers are trying to view your home.  These days, smart buyers do their homework in advance before they go out to actually look at a home.  If you’ve made their list of homes to view, congratulations!  Now get out of the way so they can see it!  When you, the seller, are present in the home–even if you’re off in your study or outside on the back porch–it intrudes on the buyer and his agent.  You’re in their “space” so to speak.  They won’t be comfortable opening cabinets or closets, discussing the home, taking their time to look.  And when you’re there, it’s hard for them to envision themselves there–your presence says it’s your home; the idea is for them to think of it as their home, and that won’t happen if they know you’re lurking around, so get out!  Take a walk, visit a neighbor, or just get in the car and go park a couple of blocks away and read a book or make some phone calls.  Just physically leave!

2. Showing a messy house.   This is hard–I know, I’ve done it!  After all, you, the seller, are still living in your house!  And if you have a family and/or pets living with you, it’s even more challenging!  But, again, you have lots of competition for those buyers.  Keeping things clean and straight is not fun, but it’s absolutely necessary!  You have to get up every morning believing that today may be the day that the right person comes to see your house!  You have to be ready for him/her.  As a Realtor, I’ve seen some things that first make me shudder, then make me wonder if these people are serious about selling their house!  In a word, ewwww!  Don’t be that seller!

3. Overpricing your house.   This is the big one!  These days, you have to be competitively priced just to get them to consider looking at your home.  And if they do, you better deliver the value they expect for what you’re asking!   Buyers have a lot of challenges in today’s market to qualify for and obtain financing.  If your home is overpriced for its size, location, and condition, they’ll just check it off their list and move on the the next one.   You’re out of the running before they even see it.

Don’t make these mistakes!  If you’re ready to sell your home, there are lots of good reasons to do so, but I strongly recommend that you talk to a real estate professional and let them guide you around these common errors!  If you’re in San Antonio, call me (210-363-9282)–together, we can make it happen!

Wishing you success!

Sue Trautner