Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween.  It’s fun to be scared, it’s okay to be a little crazy–in a fun sort of way!   When I was a kid, Halloween was a kids’ holiday.  We all went to our school’s Halloween carnival, played games, saw our teachers as real people (or maybe dressed up in a costume!), played games, went through the haunted house, then hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating!  It was fun, it was safe, and I have a lot of fond memories.

As a parent, I stressed out a little more since the kids had to have the “right” costume!  They wore it to school–in the daytime–so it had to be just so, and accessorized  too!  Schools didn’t always have a Halloween carnival.  Sometimes they called it a “fall festival” and it wasn’t usually on Halloween evening.  But trick-or-treating was still fun, even though it was always the kids and me together–no more of this running around the neighborhood with your friends in a big group all by yourselves!  And no eating anything until you got home where you could see it first and mom or dad could inspect it!

Not sure when, but somewhere along the way, Halloween seems to have become much more of an adult party night.  Why should kids have all the fun?

Safety concerns are still the order of the day–or night.  Common sense says that excited kids running from house to house are not always mindful of cars, so drivers need to be extra vigilant and careful when driving through neighborhoods tonight.

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy!  Then, join me tomorrow in realizing–OMG, it’s November already!!