House Hunting with Pets

Do you have a fur baby? Most of us do, and pets add so much to our lives. I know mine does!

While raising my family, we had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, fish, turtles, and probably something else I’ve forgotten about! Now that my nest is empty, I’m down to just one sweet kitty, but I can’t imagine how boring life would be without her!

When you’re shopping for a new home, there are a few things you’ll want to look for to accommodate your fur baby or babies. They don’t care about granite counters or a spa bath, but there are a few things that will make a new house feel like home for your pets.

Here are some things to consider and check for–mostly geared for dogs since they’re a little more “high maintenance” than kitties.

1. Grass! And a fence! Unlike cats, dogs need to go outside to take care of business, and need an enclosed space to do that. Fences need to be tall enough so they can’t jump over and low enough to discourage digging under! If there’s an HOA, be sure the rules allow a fence tall enough for your dog.

2. Dog Park/play areas. If your house’s yard is small and your dog is large, look for a house that’s convenient to a dog park or other open area so your dog can run free and play–dogs need exercise too!

3. Storage–is there a space to store your dog’s “gear”–leash, toys, etc.? If you also have little ones, you’ll want to be able to keep dog toys put away when not in use so Fido’s the only one chewing on them!

4. Flooring–hard floors are a lot easier to keep clean than wall-to-wall carpet! Dogs shed, cats shed, they track in dirt, they track around cat litter, they’re messy eaters. Sweeping up after them is much easier with tile.
And look for floors that can stand up to dog feet–hardwood floors can be scratched with constant running back and forth.

5. Access to the back–is there a door that can accommodate a doggie/kitty door? If so, and if you install one, it will certainly make your life easier and give your pet the freedom to come and go. Highly recommended!

One more thing to consider as you’re looking at houses–are there other dogs in the immediate area? Does your dog get along with others pretty well, or will having a neighbor dog cause a lot of drama? No one likes to listen to a neighbor’s dog bark incessantly, so keep that in mind if there are other dogs next door.

Hope that helps!