I resolve…..will you too?

OK, it’s 2012 and we’ve all made our resolutions for the year, right?  Sometimes, it’s the same old same old we do every year–get organized, exercise more, eat healthy, yada yada yada!

This year, in addition to those same ones I do every year, I’m going to make some new resolutions for working with my clients, and I’m going to hope they’ll extend them right back to me!  I’m putting them in writing so they mean something!  Here’s what I promise for them and hope to get in return in 2012 (and thanks to Nowlin Roberts, my hairdresser, for his blog post which gave me the idea!  Check him out at www.Beyondthecallof beauty.com ):

I will / I hope my clients will:

—Listen to my clients to learn about what they want and what they need when buying and/or selling a home so that I can guide them and assist them through the process, minimize the stress, and maximize their satisfaction at the end.
—Listen to Sue’s advice and follow it so that she can do her job and things will go smoothly.

—Educate my client about the process and what to expect at each step along the way.  Keep my clients informed and answer all questions that they have as we move down the path.
—Use the information Sue provides, read what she sends me, and do what she needs me to do.

—Be on time for appointments or call if I’m going to be late and reschedule if necessary.

—Work on my communication skills so that all parties to a transaction are kept fully informed, and respond in a timely manner to my clients, my colleagues, and anyone working to facilitate a transaction.
—Speak up and/or ask questions if I don’t understand what’s happening or am uncomfortable with any part of the transaction.  Respond in a timely manner to all e-mails, voice mails, and other communications from Sue, the title company, the loan officer, or anyone else who is working on my behalf.

—When we’re all done, and throughout the process, give my client multiple reasons to refer me to friends, family, and colleagues.
—Refer my friends, family, and colleagues to Sue as a way of recognizing and rewarding her efforts in helping me buy or sell my home.

—Be the best REALTOR® I can be!
—Be the best client I can be!

That’s my pledge and those are my expectations!   I’d love for you to be my client so you can make sure I follow through!  Call or e-mail me and let’s get you moving!

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