It’s a Great Feeling!

Today I helped a buyer complete the purchase of a new home.  It was one of the craziest, came-out-of-nowhere, down-to-the-wire transactions I’ve ever done.  And at the end of the day, it was one of the most satisfying!

This buyer called in to the office when I was on floor duty 3 weeks ago.  She called about a house she saw with one of our company signs in the yard.  After I told her the price, number of bedrooms, etc., she wanted to go see it that afternoon because she was looking for a house she could afford that would allow her girls to stay in their same schools.  But when I tried to schedule the showing, I was informed that no showings were allowed–turns out the home had tenants who vacated in the middle of the night and left the house completely trashed!  The listing agent wanted to get it cleaned up and cleaned out before she let anyone in to see it.

That wasn’t going to work for this buyer–she needed to see it NOW, and I needed to show it now before leaving town!  We worked it out and I took her to see it.  It was a real mess!  One of the worst I’ve seen!  But the buyer was not deterred!  She wanted this house!  We made an offer, negotiated the terms, and it was accepted!  I leave town for 12 days!

While I was gone, the financing she was pre-approved for fell through.  Sent her to another lender.  He got her approved, but for a different kind of loan.  Then, because of her particular financial circumstances, the lender declared that she had to close the transaction by the end of May or she couldn’t qualify!  More negotiations, more paperwork revisions, more signatures required.  All this being done over the phone, long distance!  The lender assured me that he could get the job done in 2 weeks–keep in mind that most loan approvals and underwriting are taking 30-45 days!

Got inspections done, reviewed the report on my iPad, negotiated a repair to be done by seller.   Ordered appraisal.  Got back to town after 12 days, everything progressing, closing set for May 29.

Noon on May 29–paperwork from lender not ready, move closing to May 30.  Amendment required to extend closing; Amendment prepared, drove across town for signature, sent to listing agent for sellers, finally got it back with all parties’ approval by 9:30 pm!

May 30, closed late in the afternoon, waited over an hour for funding approval, finally got it!

Buyer gets the keys to her new home!!  She’s so excited and so are her girls!   Warm fuzzies all around!

I so love helping someone find and purchase a home!  And when that buyer has to overcome obstacles but is so determined to do so and I get to be a small part of that process, it’s just the best feeling ever!

There’s no place like home!!