As REALTORS®, there are certain behaviors that are expected of us in dealing with the public, our clients, and our colleagues.  Most of them are just common sense and common courtesy, but it amazes me how UNcommon these behaviors can be sometimes!  I’d like to highlight a few things that some of my fellow REALTORS® need to remember, and, if you’re a buyer or seller, and your REALTOR® isn’t doing these things with/for you, you should remind him or her also!  All these “reminders” (and many more!) are in the Pathways to Professionalism brochure, published for members of the San Antonio Board of Realtors.

Respect for the Public
  Present a professional appearance at all times, dress appropriately, and drive a clean car!  Dressing “appropriately” depends a lot on the activity one is dressing for!  Showing houses all day in San Antonio summer weather means we can dress comfortably–it does not mean we show up in cut-offs, t-shirts, and flip-flops!  Looking at rural properties?  Jeans and boots are more appropriate than a 3-piece suit.  Meeting a client for the first time (or any time really)?  Don’t show up looking like you just rolled out of bed or were out partying all night!  Ladies, short short skirts and low cut tops are not appropriate business attire–even if you have the “assets” to make them look good!  And please, keep your car looking presentable!  If you parked under a tree and the birds had a field day, run through the car wash!  If you use your car as a mobile office (and many of us do), keep your papers contained and throw away your food trash!

Respond promptly to calls, e-mails, and other inquiries.  And remember to tell what you know, not what you think!  If you don’t know, refer the client to sources for information or offer to find out what they need to know and get back to them.

Respect for Property:

Never enter a property without permission, and be responsible for all who are entering with you.  Schedule your showings as far in advance as possible, and if the property is occupied, please call if you’re running late for an appointment.

If the property is occupied, please remember that it is still someone else’s home.  Be considerate.  Do not allow your clients to smoke, eat, drink, let children run around, bring pets, handle personal items, etc.  Practice the golden rule!

If something seems amiss, notify the listing agent right away.  Leave the property as you found it–turn off lights, close doors, lock up when you leave, set alarms, etc.  Leave a business card to let owners/listing agent know you were there.

Respect for Peers:

Respond promptly to inquiries, voice mail, e-mail, texts.  And when you leave voice mails, clearly identify yourself, your questions, and the best way to reach you.

Treat colleagues with courtesy and respect, ask questions, supply information.

Just keeping these simple courtesies in mind and practicing them consistently helps smooth the path between us as REALTORS® and our clients and colleagues.  Buying or selling a home are stressful endeavors.  Part of our job as  real estate professionals is to help facilitate that process and make it as easy as possible for all parties.  We all have enough stress in our lives that we have to deal with every day that we can’t control.  Here’s one area we can completely control and help everyone, including ourselves!

Here’s to a positive real estate experience!