Rodeo time, San Antonio!

It’s that time again–Stock Show and Rodeo time in San Antonio!  Every year, the first 3 weeks in February, the AT&T Center, the Freeman Coliseum, and the barns and grounds around them are full of activity, animals, people, and fun!  It’s time for the Stock Show and Rodeo!

Dust off your boots and western wear and git along over there, pardner!

Kickoff to the event was Friday’s Cowboy Breakfast.  Every year thousands of people and hundreds of volunteers brave the weather to come out early for a free breakfast.  Breakfast tacos, biscuits and gravy, gallons of coffee are all given out free to anyone who comes!  This breakfast is huge–it’s even made the Guinness Book of World Records!  It’s moved around town to different venues, the weather has been freezing, wet, miserable at times, but folks still come!  It’s a San Antonio tradition!

The Spurs play their last home game against the Rockets, then they take off for their annual 3-week Rodeo Road Trip!  They turn their home court over to cowboys and everyone has a great time!  Hope you’ll find some time to check it out!  Food, fun, loads of entertainment for the whole family!  Enjoy!