Sellers–fix these things before you try to sell your home

It’s summer–the San Antonio market is hot hot hot–just like the weather! Buyers are out there and they’re ready to buy. Supply of available homes is limited in some areas and some price ranges. If you’re thinking of selling, this is the time to get off the fence!

But before you hire a realtor and put a For Sale sign in your yard, take some steps to ease the way for a smooth transaction. Besides what you’ve seen, heard, and read about de-cluttering, staging, cleaning, etc., here are some repairs that, if needed, should be done before you list your home.

1. Electrical–do you have extension cords all over the place? If your home is older and you’ve got cords here and there, you might want to have an electrician take a look at your wiring and your electrical panels. Even if your home isn’t “old”, our electrical gadgets have expanded mightily in recent years and you may need to upgrade your system, add some additional receptacles, or re-do your wiring. These are items that will be noted on a buyer’s inspection so taking care of them beforehand will give you an advantage as you can point out that the work has been done. Be sure you hire a licensed electrician to perform the upgrades.

2. Low water pressure–again, sometimes an issue in an older home with older pipes. Consider having a plumber evaluate your plumbing and make needed repairs/replacements.

3. Wall and/or ceiling stains–could be a sign of a water leak, past or present. If it’s an old leak that has been repaired, remove the stain. If it’s an active leak, have it repaired and then remove the stain.

4. Foundation cracks–may be a sign that foundation repairs are needed. Have a structural engineer evaluate your foundation and then, if repairs are needed, consider hiring a company to do the repairs. Be sure they offer a transferable warranty so that a potential buyer knows that if issues arise, they have that warranty.

I always advise sellers to consider having their own inspection done prior to listing their home. That way, any potential issues can be addressed and receipts provided to a buyer for work done. If repairs aren’t possible prior to listing, an inspection will at least give the seller an idea of what may come up with a buyer and be prepared. It will also allow you, as the seller, to price your home accordingly to take those repairs into consideration. At the very least, it will help eliminate those unpleasant surprises that no one in a real estate transaction wants to deal with!

Good luck with your sale–and if you need a realtor to help you, contact me!