Smart Home Fix-ups for Sellers

If you’re going to put your home on the market in the next few weeks/months, here are a few easy fix-ups that will make your home more attractive to buyers.  Note:  these things will make your home more “sellable”, not necessarily more “valuable”! There’s a difference!

Curb Appeal:  yard mowed, trees trimmed.  Add some mulch to planting beds.  Plant some seasonal color.  Power wash sidewalks, driveways and keep them clear of clutter.  Wash windows and make the front entry attractive with a clean front door–repaint if necessary–and fresh hardware.  Make sure door locks work smoothly and doorbell is in good working order.  Clean or replace outdoor light fixtures.  And all this for both front and back yards!

Interior:  Clean, clean, clean and declutter!  Organize closets and cabinets–remove excess.  If you have too much or oversized furniture, remove it.  Clear clutter from kitchen/bathroom countertops.  Wash windows and let in light.  Remove personal photos and other mementos from walls, displays, etc.  Neutralize extreme decor/wall colors.  Remove pet odors!

Consider having a prelisting inspection by a licensed inspector.  This will reveal possible issues that may be of concern to a buyer and allow you to take care of minor things in advance.  NOTE:  some states (Texas!) require sellers to disclose any inspection reports to buyers, so if you have one, you’ll have to let a buyer see it.

Repairs:  take care of as many minor repairs as possible.  Dripping faucets, sticking doors/windows, minor paint touch-ups, cleaning carpets, etc. will make your home more attractive and not raise buyer red flags.  If major repairs are needed, either take care of them, or be prepared to address them with your list price or a possible price adjustment during contract negotiations.

Bottom line–“It’s a price war to the door, and a beauty contest inside”.  Buyers are still calling the shots, so sellers have to be competitive in price, terms, and condition.   Start your preparation now and you’ll be ready when the sign goes up in your yard!  Good luck!

Sue Trautner
Certified Residential Specialist