Snow Antonio!

Well, San Antonio has had quite a week!  We’ve gone from temperatures in the 70’s to the teens and back again!  We’ve had temps that stayed below freezing for over 3 days.  We had freezing rain, ice, and SNOW!  The city shut down and then it all melted and we’re back up and running!  It’s been crazy!!

Everyone who has lived in real snow country just thinks it’s nuts the way we shut everything down and go into hiding when we get a little bit of ice and the occasional dusting of snow.  We don’t know how to handle that stuff around here!  The city doesn’t have equipment to deal with it, San Antonioians don’t know how to drive in it, we just stay home and hope our pipes don’t freeze!  And kids who can barely drag themselves out of bed for school are up at first daylight to go play in the snow and make snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels!  And they have to hurry, because this batch was melted by noon!

It was eerie to see pictures on local news of the freeways covered in white and completely empty–during rush hour!  It was fun while it lasted–except for the morning I woke up with no power, no heat, no phone service (except my cell phone), and no internet!  Finally had to go start my car in the garage to plug in my car charger so I could charge my cell phone!  Thankfully, power was restored before I filled the garage with carbon monoxide!

Now we enjoy a nice sunny weekend, highs near 70, before another cold front rolls through here.  But the weathermen are promising it won’t be like the last one!  Hope they’re right!  Once every few years is fine for a snow day, but I wouldn’t want to make a habit of them!   Brrrrrrr!

Stay warm out there!