Super Bowl LI–truly super!

Did you watch Sunday’s Super Bowl, NE Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons?  Most people probably did–at least for part of the time.  Toward the end of the 3rd quarter, you may have thought like I did, and probably most people did, that the game was really one-sided, tilting to the Falcons.  After all, they were ahead 28-3!

As I watched the game and listened to the talking heads, aka sportscasters, who went on and on about everything, I thought that the Falcons were going to win, and decisively at that.  But a little voice in the back of my head kept saying–don’t count the Patriots and Tom Brady out just yet.  They still have a quarter left to make things happen.  Wait and see what they do.

And, boy, did they make things happen!  And in a truly spectacular and Super way!  Everyone was blown away by what the Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, did in 15 minutes!  They pulled up even with the Falcons and sent the game into overtime–for the first time in Superbowl history.

They won the coin toss and then just marched up the field, pass by pass, to score (barely!) a touchdown and win the game!  Mind blowing!  To fans in NRG Stadium, to the Falcons, to the talking heads, to those of us watching on TV, and to the Patriots themselves!  They made the Superbowl truly Super!  That’s what the game is all about!

There have been comparisons between the Patriots comeback win when it looked like a sure thing for the Falcons to the 2016 election results that looked like a Hillary win until Trump marched into the White House.  But besides that, there’s a life lesson there too that we should all remember.

Tom Brady had a goal–to win the game and make history for his team and himself with a 5th SuperBowl win and ring.  He had a goal and he kept it front and center.  He kept his team focused on the goal and together, they made it happen.  And I loved that he acknowledged that this was a team effort, it wasn’t just about him.  Everyone had a part in achieving this goal.  I think Brady demonstrated what a true leader is all about–leading his team to achieve the goal.  Working together for everyone’s benefit.  And making the achievement all about the team, not just about himself.  There are some people in leadership positions who could take a lesson from this.  Sadly, they probably won’t, but they should!

Super Bowl LI is history now, but it was really fun to watch history being made, and in a spectacular compelling way!  Hope you enjoyed the game, even if you were a Falcons fan.  The Falcons learned some lessons too.  I’ve heard that Vegas bookies are already predicting a rematch in 2018–that should be interesting if it happens.  We’ll see who learned the most from Sunday!